Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wood Shavings are great!!!
Every 2 years I get a load (35-40 cubic yards) of wood shavings from Northland Woods here in Fairbanks. It is a small ski hill when it gets delivered and I always think "how am I going to use this much??" But starting in the spring I pull large loads of them down to my dog yard and the pile slowly disappears. A trick that I learned from Carol Kaynor is to use a large blue tarp. You can load a BIG pile of shavings onto the tarp to be pulled into the dog yard. (I use a large snow shovel) I used to use a wheel barrow and that took forever. Last night Don and I did about 12 loads each and all the dogs have a fairly thick layer of shavings. We raked it out around the dog houses and a lot of the dogs slept outside last night in their clean piles!
I use the shavings to fill in any holes, where there are muddy spots and along well worn paths. The shavings eventually break down to "dirt" and I just keep piling the layers on as the summer progresses. I never have any mud after a rain and in the spring time during break up, it certainly helps with the drainage and keeping those muddy spots cleaner.

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