How to Adopt a Dog

To give a sled dog a second chance in life requires very little--and a lot--all at the same time! You must be willing to give sufficient care and attention to the dog, and it would help if you understood the needs of a working dog, even if the dog you are adopting is no longer actively mushing. They generally have temperaments that are not happy being idle. Yet some may have physical limitations that make extreme activity no longer possible, and some may have never had the opportunity to discover their own potential.

We invite you to download the application form and fill it out. This form is your "wish list" and it will help us help you choose a dog that will fit into your life and your plans. So many dogs in shelters around the world are delightful animals with unique qualities. But they end up in shelters because somebody didn't want them, or chose poorly in breeding or buying them in the first place. We don't want that to happen again.

The adoption contract comes after you've been approved, and once you have chosen a dog. The adoption fee is $100 for each dog. (Payable to Second Chance League.)

Every animal that goes through our program is spayed or neutered, has a physical examination, is made current on vaccinations and has been wormed. Each dog is microchipped for lifetime identification. Although we cannot guarantee the temperaments or athletic abilities of any SCL dogs, we are committed to each animal taken into our program and are willing to take the dog back at any
time. (No refund of adoption fees.)

We are also willing to offer advice and training to new mushers and adopters of SCL dogs. If the dogs are to be successful, then we must help the mushers too, for it is the partnership between the dog and person that is the real key to success.

Welcome, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Adoption form:
After application approval, fill out: